Best Yoga Retreats in Bali: 3 Best Places for Yoga & Meditation

Are you in search of a place where you can find peace and relax? Well, yoga retreats are the best places for spending a quality time with your body, mind, and soul in a calm environment. These days, there are many places that offer this facility, yet Bali stands out amongst the rest when it comes to the best. Some of the most beautiful yoga retreats in the world are located in this amazing island. So if you want to go to the best yoga retreat in Bali, here are some options you can choose from.

Going on a Bali Yoga Retreat

You can enjoy the adorable scenic beauty of this place. Located between tropical jungles, beautiful waterfalls, rice paddies and world famous Balinese temples; there’s so much to explore and love here. Getting back to the topic, let’s check out the best spiritual retreats in Bali for you.

1. Five Elements Wellness Retreat

The place offers you a gamut of wellness retreats. Whether you need a detox or transformational retreat or you are after therapeutic one; the choice is endless. You will benefit from the ancient Balinese healing therapies, living foods, sacred arts, meditation, pranayama, yoga, and much more.

The environment is green and airy, so you feel close to the nature at at times. All these activities help you heal on mental, physical, and spiritual level. The best thing about this meditation retreat in Bali is the affordable cost. So you don’t have to feel robbed rather content when you visit here.

2. The Yoga Barn

Are you looking for someplace more than a yoga retreat? The Yoga Barn is the best place for those searching for juice cleanse and detox retreats. You get to choose from 2 options – 3 or 7 days. Here you get to relax and refill your energy by detoxifying your body. This way, you feel lighter and better to handle further tasks in your life.

The good thing about this wellness retreat in Bali is the variety of yummy juices and nut milks that you get as part of the retreat. There are discussions on health, self-love, digestion, self-healing, and more interesting and knowledgeable topics. You can also attend different yoga and meditation classes apart from massage, infrared sauna sessions, and a gift bag with books.

3. One World Escape

This wellness retreat in Bali is operated by native yoga and wellness experts. The teachers and practitioners in these retreats help you in reconnecting with inner-conscience. You get regular meditation sessions on daily basis along with valuable personal time amid the amazing green, tropical island.

Everything from the rituals, chanting, sessions, spa and other adventures, the place is a home to peaceful yet adventurous activities.

These are only three of the many yoga retreats in Bali. Whichever you choose, you will definitely enjoy your stay in between the great surrounding.


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